WELCOME to ferciosEEGPlus


ferciosEEGPlus offers advanced solutions to scientific research in the field of wake or sleep EEG analysis.

ferciosEEGPlus is a software for displaying, processing and managing EEG signals, particularly suitable for processing sleep EEG recordings.


Main functions of the different software versions

Basic software

·         Open and view EDF files (up to 256 channel EEG)

·         Sleep staging interface (Wake, REM, S1, S2, S3, S4)

·         Mark artefacts (for 4 sec long epochs)

·         Create and view record specific bookmarks with comments

·         Create and view user specified annotations

·         Create and view comment for the whole record/patient

·         View hypnogram for the full record or for a specific part

·         Positioning

o   Move one epoch forward or backward

o   Move user specified seconds forward or backward

o   Jump to a specific time/epoch position

o   Jump to bookmark

o   Positioning with scrollbar

o   Positioning based on hypnogram

·         View settings

o   Set visible channels

o   Set window length in seconds

o   Zoom to a selected time range (two click zoom)

o   Set general amplification (for all channels)

o   Set unique amplification for any channel

o   Save and load view settings as template

·         Filtering (based on FFT)

o   Low-pass filter

o   High-pass filter

o   Band-filter

o   Multiple filtering

o   Filtering for all channels

o   Unique filtering for any channel

o   View spectra of the actual epoch for a selected channel

·         Montages

o   Select montages from templates

o   Rereference record (text file based montage)

§  Referential

§  Bipolar

§  Average

§  Weighted average

·         Measures

o   Amplitude (two click measure)

o   Time (two click measure)

·         Export procedures

o   Export edf in ASCII format

o   Export hypnogram in text format

·         Automatic conversion of epoch length to 20 sec from 30 sec

·         Merge edf files

·         Merge artefact files

·         Macroarchitectural statistics

o   Record duration (from lights off to lights on)

o   Sleep duration and Wake duration

o   WASO

o   Sleep latency

o   NREM and REM duration

o   S1, S2, S3, S4, REM duration

o   REM latency

o   Number of sleep cycles

o   Average sleep cycle duration

o   Average REM duration

Spindle analyzer

·         Automatic spindle detection in sleep EEG based on

o   Individual Adjustment Method (IAM)*

o   IAM with fixed amplitude criteria

o   Spindle detection with fixed frequency range and fixed amplitude criteria

·         Detect slow and fast spindles

·         Spindle analysis for whole night or specific time ranges

·         Calculate spindle parameters for selected channels

o   Subject specific slow and fast spindle frequency ranges

o   Mean density (1/min)

o   Mean duration (sec)

o   Mean amplitude

·         Save parameters for every spindle

o   Start time

o   End time

o   Max amplitude

o   Max amplitude position

·         Spindlegram for spindle density visualization

·         Average spindle pattern calculation


Spectrum and coherence analyser

·         Calculate and save spectrum

o   for whole record or specific time ranges

o   for every or only for selected channels

o   for frequency bins

o   for classical (delta, theta, alpha, sigma, beta, gamma) or user specified frequency ranges

o   for selected sleep stages

o   with or without overlapping

·         Calculate and save spectrogram

·         Calculate functional connectivity

o   Connectivity measures:

§  Coherence

§  Imaginary coherence

§  Phase lag index

§  Weighted phase lag index

o   For all channel pairs for all frequency bins

o   For classical frequency ranges (delta, theta, alpha, sigma, beta, gamma)

o   For user specified regions

o   Intra- and interregion connectivity analysis


Batch processing for groups of subjects

·         Macroarchitectural statistics

·         Spindle detection (IAM and other methods)

·         Spectrum analysis

·         Connectivity analysis


If you would like to obtain more information about the product versions and services, regarding purchasing ferciosEEGPlus, please use the contact information below:

(ferciosEEGPlus©, Ferenc Gombos 2008-2022)


*: Bódizs, R., Körmendi, J., Rigó, P. & Lázár, A. S. The individual adjustment method of sleep spindle analysis: Methodological improvements and roots in the fingerprint paradigm. J. Neurosci. Methods 178, 205–213 (2009).